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All Contracting is based out of  New York and has been in business for  over twenty five years. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve  treated  every customer like they are a part of the family. Lets face it their are plenty of company’s that offer the same services but why go to them, when you can come to us. We install, service, and repair dry chemical and wet chemical Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for restaurants, computer rooms, paint spray booths and many other applications. We service, recharge and inspect automatic fire suppression systems. Our company completes every project with exceptional satisfaction, in a timely fashion, and offer affordable rates.  All Contracting is a full service Fire Equipment Contractor. We are licensed & permitted in the state of New York.

Call us at (518)-205-3615.

Check out our sister company @ www.albanyrestauranthoods.com

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